This endeavor came out of my concern over increasing divorce rates and knowing how challenging blended family issues can be. I interviewed couples who had been married for at least fifteen years about what made their marriages work. Through an instrument that I designed as well as several interviews, I asked these couples how they managed to work through the problems, issues and challenges they had faced in their married and family lives. These couples were self selected and had responded to two articles which appeared in the Berkshire Eagle. They felt gratitude for what they had and wanted to share their wisdom. I was truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with these forty couples who were married from 15-53 years and were from varied socio-economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. What I learned from these couples was extremely valuable and I knew that I needed to share it. I decided to create a TV series, MARRIAGE MENTORS, which appeared on CTSB , a Berkshire County, MA community station. Each hour long show consisted of an in-depth conversation with one couple who spoke about how they dealt with various marital and family challenges. MARRIAGE MENTORS was broadcast for over a year. Since that time, It has caught the attention of a filmmaker who produces for the cable Lifetime channel.